Boxing personal training in Sale Manchester

If you are someone who needs motivation, inspiration and support when it comes to working out, our boxing personal training in Sale Manchester could be just what you need. With Nowhere 2 Hyde gym in Sale you have the option of 1-2-1 personal training sessions or a full bespoke programme designed to suit your specific goals and needs. This includes a diet plan put together by our qualified nutritionists.  


Boxing personal training course itinerary 

We understand that every client has different needs and goals. Therefore, we provide personal training courses that run anywhere from 5 to 10 weeks. You also have the flexibility to choose how many sessions you would like to have each week and what your desired outcome is, whether that be fat loss, muscle build or enhanced performance. Whether or not you decide to include a bespoke diet plan is entirely up to you. However, we do always recommend it because eating a health balanced diet helps to fuel your workouts and give you the best results. 


Benefits of boxing personal training in Sale

There are a number of reasons why 1-2-1 training is beneficial. At Nowhere 2 Hyde our sessions are led by the region’s leading coaches which means you have the confidence of knowing you are in the right hands. No matter your plan, you will have a dedicated coach to guide you through your goals to help you achieve the best possible results. There are a number of benefits of our boxing personal training in Sale Manchester, for example:

  • Improved technique and form
  • Increased motivation 
  • Expert tips and advice
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Faster results 
  • Personal plan 


Who can do the boxing personal training in Sale

No matter your age, ability or experience anyone is welcome to pair up with one of our experienced coaches and ‘learn the ropes’. We will discuss your goals and what you want to achieve from our boxing personal training sessions. If that is to develop your current technique and skills, to start a new hobby or even just to blow off some steam, Nowhere 2 Hyde are here to help. There is more to boxing than just self defence yet it can often get overlooked when people think of personal training. In addition, other benefits of boxing training include fat loss, muscle gain, stress relief and mental discipline.

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