Boxing Class

Our most popular class of the week. This is the class in which champions are made. As well as some technique work, this session is a boxing blast, you will be worked to your limits throughout. Boxing is the hardest sport in the world, you need to be in peak shape to fight, in this class you will train as hard and exactly as the pros do. A really fun session, great for fitness, fat loss, mental discipline and stress relief.

Strength and HIIT

A mixture of endurance-based strength work through resistance training, combined with High Intensity Interval Training done via our extensive range of cardio equipment or weights. This session works on improving both your muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Improve your fitness, improve your body composition, boost your metabolism!

Strength and Core

Similar to Strength and HIIT, but with an extra emphasis on the core muscles. You will learn how to activate all the muscles of the trunk, which will help you realise that ‘core work’ is so much more than trying to get the washboard stomach!! If you have ever heard the phrase “you can’t fire a canon from a canoe”, this definitely applies here. The core provides a foundation for all areas of the body to work effectively, so come and learn how to use it properly.


Unleash your inner beast in our original Caveman/Cavewoman class. Functional strength with a twist, pushing/pulling/climbing/lifting/dragging/carrying/slamming we’ve got it all! Our specially designed exercises will help you increase your strength and fitness in a new fun way. With a different class structure and exercises every week, we will always be challenging you to use your strength in ways you never have before! After a few sessions, you will be well on your way towards entering the World’s Strongest Man/Woman tournament!


CRASH is our very own original high-intensity class, designed to push you to your limits. We will work you to levels you have never experienced bfore, but the benefits you will gain are unmatched in any other exercise. This class makes use of our assault bikes, rowing machines, ski erg, spin bikes, treadmills as well as other hardcore bodyweight exercises. The structure of the class changes every week, however the fundamental theme is the same – you work to hit a target that pushes you to your limit, if you can’t hit that target you’ve CRASHED! Anyone looking to seriously increase their athletic performance, this is the class for you.


Arguably the most important session of the week, Strength. The benefits of strength training are more extensive than you might think – improves your physique, body composition, confidence levels and overall performance, whilst also significantly reducing your risk of injury. Our strength session is largely about developing sound technique then pushing your abilities with the big compound lifts such as squats and deadlifts. You will also do plenty of supplementary exercises, mobility and core work to increase all round performance. Our PT’s are on hand to give you close support to ensure you are maximising your lifting potential and making solid progress week after week.

Open Gym

Every Friday come along to our Open Gym session. In this time, come and go as you please and work on specifics of your choice! Of course, if you are stuck for inspiration we have PT’s on hand that will devise you a workout to do. We also have a new workout written on our board every week that you can give a try. A great session to train with other members in a more sociable setting and get yourself excited for the weekend.

Running Club

Saturday morning running club. Setting off from the gym, we vary the distance of the run every week between 4km and 8km. Some of our routes are very scenic, going along the River Mersey and through Sale Water Park. If you are new to running have no fear, running club is for mixed abilities and there will be someone there to pace you for what you can do!

Saturday Circuits

What better way to start your weekend than a Saturday morning circuit blast. A mixture of weighted, bodyweight and cardio exercises, you will get a real sweat on and burn a tonne of calories. A whole-body workout, fantastic at improving your fitness, physique and body composition!