Push yourself to new limits this year and join us at our HIIT classes in Sale Manchester. At Nowhere 2 Hyde, we want you to get the most out of your workout sessions so you can achieve the best results. Whatever your ability, our trainers are on hand to push you to a level that challenges you. Whether you work better in a small group or with a personal trainer, we have sessions to suit you either way. 

HIIT classes in Sale

We offer a range of HIIT classes including endurance based strength work, core work and resistance training. Our strength fit and HIIT classes are popular because they are so effective. Here are some of the classes we offer:

  • Strength and HIIT
  • Strength and core

Strength and HIIT classes in Sale

If you are interested in HIIT classes in Sale with a difference, why not join us at Nowhere 2 Hyde.  Our strength and HIIT classes involve a combination of resistance training and endurance based strength work mixed in with high intensity interval training. Our sessions will make use of our extensive range of weights and cardio equipment. This is to allow you to get the most out of your work out session. Benefits of our strength and HIIT classes include cardiovascular and muscle improvement, increased overall fitness, better body composition and a boost in your metabolism. 

Strength and core HIIT classes in Sale

If all of the above sounds great but you want more of an emphasis on your core, why not try our strength and core classes instead. Here you will learn how to activate the core muscles properly, which will make you realise that there’s more to ‘core work’ than you might think. The core is known as the powerhouse of the body. It provides the foundation for all other areas of your body so you want to ensure you are activating it correctly and working hard to make it as strong as you can. 

CRASH classes 

If you want to push yourself to new limits and try something new, we have designed the perfect challenge to do exactly that. CRASH is our very own high intensity training class, designed to work you to levels you have never experienced. Although this workout is challenging, the benefits are unmatched from any other exercise. Each week will be different although the fundamentals will remain the same -you work to hit a target that pushes you to your limit, if you can’t hit that target you’ve CRASHED. As well as hardcore bodyweight exercise, we also make use of our top of the range equipment. Here are some examples of equipment you will use in our CRASH HIIT training:

  • Rowing machines
  • Assault bikes
  • Ski Erg
  • Spin bikes 
  • Treadmills 

Customer reviews of our HIIT classes in Sale

I’ve tried many different commercial & independent gyms & PTs, and this place is the one if you want RESULTS” –Jane McNeil

Variety of great classes and individual PT from the guys. Boxing, HIIT, Strength all covered.

I’ve loved the change from PT to the classes, working out with like minded individuals and a healthy dose of competition every now and again. Go at your own pace, the classes can be individually tailored to your specific requirements too”Jo Hill

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