Gym in Sale, Manchester

If you are looking for a gym in Sale Manchester with a difference then Nowhere 2 Hyde is the place for you. We are not like any gym in Sale that you have visited before. Our state of the art facilities and equipment combined with classes led by some of the region’s leading fitness coaches allows you to get the best out of your experience. 

Classes at Nowhere 2 Hyde gym in Sale

We offer a number of fitness classes that cover a range of disciplines. Whether you prefer small group sessions or 1-2-1 personal training, members at our gym in sale can take part in any of the following classes:

  • Boxing fitness
  • HIIT sessions
  • Strength and Core sessions
  • Caveman / Cavewoman workouts
  • ‘Crash’
  • Circuits sessions
  • Open Gym
  • Running 

It doesn’t matter your age, experience or level of fitness, Nowhere 2 Hyde gym is inclusive of everyone and has a supportive community of members. What’s stopping you from getting involved?

Boxing gym in Sale

Out of all the fitness classes we offer, our boxing classes in Sale are the most popular. Throughout the whole session, you can expect to be pushed to your limits. In the boxing world, training is tough and requires plenty of resilience- during our boxing sessions you will train just like the pro’s do. These sessions are fun but challenging and different from any other workout. Boxing is a great way to get and stay in shape whilst providing you with stress relief and mental discipline. 

Strength Fit and HIIT gym in Sale

We also offer Strength Fit and HIIT classes in Sale, during these sessions, you can expect a combination of high intensity interval training and endurance based strength work. We have an extensive range of cardio equipment and weights. The purpose of our HIIT and strength training classes is to improve both your cardiovascular health, muscular endurance, body composition and boost your metabolism. What’s more, research suggests that HIIT can help with mood regulation and increased brain function.  

Strength and core training gym in sale

If you are looking for classes with more of an emphasis on core muscles, we have dedicated strength and core classes available too. Similar to strength and HIIT, you will work on strength training whilst learning how to activate all of the muscles in your power house. These sessions will help you to realise that working on your core is more than just trying to get the washboard stomach. 


This involves functional strength with a twist including pushing, pulling, climbing, lifting, dragging, carrying and slamming-this class will have you trying all kinds of new exercises. This style of training is specially designed to help increase your strength and fitness levels in a unique but fun way. Each week you can expect a different class structure and new challenges. 


We have also designed our very own high intensity training class to push you to your limits and give you the best results. You will be working to levels you have never experienced before and experience benefits unmatched by any other form of exercise. These classes are an excellent way to improve your athletic performance. 

Circuit training 

Start your weekend off right with our Saturday morning circuit full body workout. Here you can participate in a mixture of exercises including weighted, cardio and bodyweight exercises that are sure to make you get a real sweat on. 

What do our members think about our gym in Sale?

“Local hidden gem. General gym and boxing classes suited for all abilities” -Nils Mulhert

“Cannot fault the guys, I absolutely love the vibe of the gym and every time I come in for my one to one sessions I find myself pushing so much harder than I would on my own” -Harry Kilbride.

Want to find out more?

Call or email us today to get started or head over to our shop to find more about our packages and prices. We look forward to seeing you in one of our next classes.

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