Boxing classes in Sale

At Nowhere 2 Hyde, we provide boxing classes in Sale that are designed to push you to your limits from the offset and throughout. No matter your age or ability, anyone and everyone is welcome to get involved. Our boxing classes are the most popular class of the week because although it is hard work, it’s a lot of fun too. In our boxing classes you can expect to train like the pros and will be taught by the region’s leading coaches. Our boxing classes are excellent for fitness, mental health and fat loss.

Benefits of NW2H’s boxing classes in Sale

There is a wide range of benefits of boxing which is one of the reasons our boxing classes in Sale are so popular. Here are some of the benefits:


  • Better balance
  • Improved posture
  • Enhanced mood
  • Stress relief
  • Increased endurance
  • Strengthened upper body and core
  • Fat loss

Boxing classes in Sale timetable

Our fighting fit boxing classes run Monday-Thursday evening at 6.45pm which gives the chance for those with a busy work schedule to attend after work. We also offer boxing classes throughout the day on Wednesdays, at 6.15am, 9.30am and 6pm. 

1-2-1 Boxing classes in Sale

If you are someone who can only commit to a limited amount of time on workouts or wants to deepen their boxing skills and develop their technique, 1-2-1 boxing classes may be a great option for you. Our 1-2-1 boxing sessions allow you to pair up with one of our experienced boxing coaches. Here you will ‘learn the ropes’, whether you are looking to develop your existing boxing skills or simply blow off some steam, our 1-2-1 sessions can help. 

NW2H Fight Camp

If you want to experience the life of a professional fighter, this could be the perfect experience for you. With Nowhere 2 Hyde’s fight camp you can train just like a pro without having to fight. The duration of our fight camp programme is 8 weeks and is sure to push you above and beyond your limits, testing you both mentally as well as physically. During your sessions you will work on your boxing technique, sparring, fitness, strength and conditioning and more. On top of this, just like a real fighter you’ll have to make weight with an official weigh in at the end of the 8 week programme. 

Customer reviews 

Variety of great classes and individual PT from the guys. Boxing, HiiT, Strength all covered.

I’ve loved the change from PT to the classes, working out with like minded individuals and a healthy dose of competition every now and again.”Jo Hill


“No being left to your own devices to waste an hour, this is a proper gym where the members and the team of instructors come together to make you the best you can be.”Karen Latham

Boxing passes

Whether you’re new to boxing training or wanting to develop your existing skills, we have a variety of passes available to purchase. Feel free to  give Nowhere 2 Hyde a try before committing to a membership with our drop in pass. We also offer a range of packages, head over to our shop to find out more.

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