With the new year comes new goals and there’s one clear way to reach them. Get yourself into action and get started. Depending on will power alone will never work, if you want to reach your goals it’s all about mindset.


Sound familiar? We often hear this from clients, so you’re not alone.

Here’s how these chats usually go:

Client – “I’m on it from Monday”

Me – “What do you mean by on it?”

Client – “You know, cutting out the crap – no chocolate, no alcohol”

Me – “Ok great, what’s your goal behind this and have you got a plan?”

Client – “I just want to get rid of some of this *grabs belly*. I don’t need a plan, I know what to do – just cut out the crap”

Me – “Ok, this might need a bit of thought though, are you sure you don’t want me to help formulate a plan?”

Client – “No I’ll be ok, I know what I need to do”

Two weeks later……

Me – “How’s it going?”

Client – “Well it was going ok for a few days, but then I had a bad day at work, so I drank a bottle of wine”

Me – “Not the end of the world, these things happen”

Client – “But then after drinking the wine I ate a massive bag of crisps. Then the next day, I felt rubbish. So had a bacon butty. After that I couldn’t be bothered anymore so it’s all gone downhill. But next Monday……I’m ON IT!”

Me – “For **** sake”

Relying on Willpower

Relying on willpower alone isn’t going to get you anywhere. You may as well stop what you’re doing and tuck into those treats right now. Whether it’s stress, tiredness,  work commitments there’ll always be something that holds us back and urges us to give into our bad habits.

It’s all about mindset. If you want willpower to overcome those bad habits, you need to give it a very strong reason.

For example, Nowhere2Hyde Training’s personal trainer Joe explained a situation where he nearly gave into his cravings.

“I was driving down the motorway on Friday after being up since 5am. I felt knackered and started nodding off at the wheel, so I stopped at a service station for a quick break. In the past, I would have bought a bag of sweets or chocolate to keep me going for the rest of the journey and I was very close to allowing my subconscious urges and stored memories to influence me into doing the same again. However, I had a quick word with myself, remembering that I am training for another marathon later in the year. This commitment was strong enough to change my mind and avoid the temptation. It’s all about mindset, having that overall goal you want to achieve and a plan of exactly how you’re going to do it that can influence your willpower”.

Hollywood Stars

When you see a Hollywood star looking in amazing shape we always have that one though. “It’s ok for that person, they’ve got all the money and time to have everything done for them”.

Whilst some celebrities have access to professionals such as personal trainers and nutritionists, there are so many out there who still struggle to get in shape. The clear difference between them is their end goals and reason to commit. Some may want to earn millions or obtain worldwide adulation – which is highly likely to drive their determination forward and stop them when they feel tempted to break into a bar of chocolate if they’re stressed or overtired.

Unfortunately for us normal folk we have to put a bit more thought into it. Whilst most of us want to get fitter, stronger and healthier, our reasons for doing so aren’t quite strong enough to make long term commitments. Sadly, for some it needs a major health shock or significant event to provide that reason.

How Nowhere2Hyde Training can help you

Here at Nowhere2Hyde Training we understand it’s all about mindset. We’re big fans of the balanced lifestyle where you set your goals and work towards them both physically and mentally. Integrate group and private workouts with a nutritional diet and don’t feel the need to punish yourself when you give into temptations that knocks you back a bit – we all have bad days! Just focus on getting up and back on track when things go wrong and continue to work towards your end goal!

To start your fitness journey today, join Nowhere2Hyde Training and enjoy exclusive access to our group training sessions that have been cleverly designed to increase fitness, strength and overall performance. Group sessions not for you? You can also book a course of 121 training sessions with one of our fantastic coaches. Once a member, you’ll be part of the Nowhere2Hyde community, surrounded by likeminded people who all have similar end goals. We guide you through workouts, track your progress and we’re always there with great advice to achieve your goals. Click here to find out more.

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